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Understanding & Eliminating Everyday Inequity in Education

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This course is designed to strengthen our understandings of educational inequity and injustice and our abilities to cultivate educational equity and justice by studying specific examples of how racism, transphobia, heterosexism, ableism, and other forms of oppression operate in policies, practices, ideologies, and institutional cultures. Using real-life case scenarios from educational institutions and contexts, we will practice identifying layers of bias and inequity in everyday educational situations and how they?re tied to bigger, structural conditions. This will allow us to practice the "five abilities of equity literacy": recognizing inequity even in its subtlest forms, responding to inequity in the immediate term (by addressing situations as they arise), redressing inequity in the longer term (by connecting situations that arise to their core institutional causes), actively cultivating equity (by developing actively anti-oppressive policies, practices, institutional cultures, and ideologies), and sustaining equity (by moving equity commitments forward even in the face of inevitable resistance).